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PowerLead Pwah PL-N20 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Waterproof Smart Watch

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Movement pedometer, built-sensitive sensor to help you keep track of and improve your state of motion, and by APP 24 hours analyzing and monitoring the motion data.
It could remote your cellphone to take a pictures when you have App installed on your cellphone,whenever and wherever you are,don't forget yourself when you take a group pictures
Precise movement navigation, outdoor professional electronic compasses,your peace of mind to explore new routes.
Good waterproof,anti-sweat and anti-dust performance:You could have it on when you are washing your face or hands,even take a shower,without worring about destroying the watch as it has good waterproof,it could be always with you when you need.

Bluetooth Smart + Quartz Watch (dual battery)
Color: Black Silver
Product Surface: Blue Film Glass
Material: Metal Stainless steel
Straps: PTE Material
Product Clasp: 304 stainless steel hydraulic clasp
Battery: 230 mA
Dimensions: Length Width 5CM * 4.3CM * 1CM thick
Product Weight: 60 G;Tape paper boxweight:175G
Model: N20
Screen Size: quartz machinery full circle screen smart watches
Interface: dual battery
Memory: None
Screen material: Glass Blue Film
Communication: does not support

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